Harmony Hollow 2019




Friday, August 30

2:00 PM | Camp is open!

The early bird gets the tag! Har har har. Come set up your tent or RV, or get yourself situated in the dorms. Check with the registration folks to find out where everything is and ask any questions about the schedule, activities, meals, etc. See you for dinner at 6!

6:00 PM | Friday dinner - the pig roast and potluck!

Join us for the first group gathering of the weekend! This special dinner is a potluck, with pig roast courtesy of the Hollander family!
Be sure to bring your own plates and utensils along with a dish to share! Please also consider a small donation to the Hollanders for all their hard work if you decide to partake!

After dinner | Tags

Kick off your first night at Harmony Hollow in the best barbershoppin' way! Find some friends (or possible new friends) and sing a tag! Don't know any? Ask around - I'm sure someone would be happy to teach you their favourite!


Saturday, August 31

10:00 AM | Fitness Classes

Jump start your Saturday with a fitness class! An all ages fitness kickboxing class is available (30-45 mins), as well as a Tai Chi class (1.5 hours). Times may shift slightly to accomodate those who whish to participate in more than one class. You'll be able to sign up at the registration desk!

11:00 AM | Horseshoes

Ahh yes... the horseshoes. Rivaled only by the Harmony Hollow Olympics in its intense competition for that glorious trophy. The Hollanders! The Gibsons! The Hasslers! (and more!) See the mighty clashes and know true fear! You'll also be able to sign up for horseshoes at the registration desk.

2:00 PM | Skills Class with... TBA

An all levels class on singing and/or performance. You'll be able to sign up at the registration desk

5:00 PM | Dinner

Our annual rib dinner supplied by Java Jo's! See the food page for pricing and tickets! Served in the Dining hall.

7:00 PM | Campfire

Make sure you join us for jokes, singing, s'mores and stories! Charlie Metzger's Lion Hunt is an eternal favorite, and this year we're graced once again with the skills of master tall tale teller, Marie Honrud!


Sunday, September 1

8:30 AM | Breakfast

A variety of options for one flat rate! See the food page for details! Served from Java Jo's food truck.

9:30 AM | Gospel Sing

This one takes place in the dance hall. Join with friends in fellowship!

10:30 AM | Harmony Hollow Olympics

Three legged race! Wheelbarrow race! Running race! (yes I said running race) Sack race! And the fearsome EGG TOSS!!!

2:00 PM | Quartet contest

As if Sunday wasn't exciting enough... now it's time for the quartet contest! Here are your categories:

Novice - no registered quartetters allowed

Men's & Women's - up to 2 currently registered quartet singers

Open - no rules on registered quartet singers. Unmixed (4 men or 4 women).

Mixed - Men and women - mixed! No rules on registered quartet singers!

Comedy - No rules, other than your goal is to make us laugh! And we love to laugh!  

So get three other campers, learn a song, and win a medal!

7:00 PM | Ham It Up!

Alright folks, this is another huge favorite - Harmony Hollow's annual variety show! We know you've been practicing your skits, your singing, your stand-up comedy... and you're ready to show it off! Now the whole camp is here to watch your big moment!


Monday, September 2

12:00 PM | Head on home - and think about all the fun to be had next year!

Harmony Hollowers take great pride in leaving our camps cleaner than we've found them! Please lend a helping in hand in making sure that everything is neat andy tidy in your dorms or campsite before you leave. Thanks!