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I need help registering!

This year registration will be online and by credit card only. Cash will not be accepted on site at the gate.

Sign up for notifications so you don't miss out when registration opens. Space may be limited for some activities or spaces (especially for RV parking!)

This site is not working!

Are you using Internet Explorer? We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You can also try restarting your browser, and clearing your cache.

Why Camp Horizon?

Camp Horizon is a convenient location for many of you! The lodging options are now very simple, meaning easier registration! Camp Horizon has that special 'away from civilization' feel, but it's actually a short walk or drive from many nearby destinations!

What do I bring?

Check out this page!

There are lots of barbershoppers at HH - must I be a BHS, SAI, or HI member to attend?

No way! Plenty of folks come who are not active barbershoppers, or who don't consider themselves singers! This is about people joining together in community - so come enjoy yourself and have a good time with us!

Pets? RV hookups? Pool? Wheelchair accessible? Cell reception? Burn ban?

Dogs are permitted, however they must be leashed at all times, they are not permitted inside any building on the grounds, unless they are an approved assistance dog.

No RV hookups. Also no pool on the premises, but we are just a very short walk from Birch Bay proper - a great little town right on the water! All facilities are wheelchair accessible! Yes there's cell reception! 

There are 3 twin size beds to a dorm room. Mattresses provided - bring extra bedding. 
Electrical outlets - we've been asked by Camp Horizon not to plug in high use devices (coffeemakers, mini fridges - head over to the kitchen to plug those in).
Showers and bathrooms on each floor.
No kitchen amenities. Please cook outside.
C dorm is a little further from the RVs and campfire, so we're making this the quieter dorm. D dorm is where the crazy night owl barbershoppers will be singing all night!

What's going on with food?

Catered meals - We are offering only one pre-purchased meal this year, however a food truck will be available for lunch on Sunday. See the Food page for more details.
For your own food, there are fridges, freezers and sinks on site for your convenience (label your food!), but no cooking in the camp kitchen. Don't forget to bring your propane stove if cooking, and if you're in the dorms please adhere to Camp Horizon policy and cook outside.
Remember to bring a dish for the Friday night potluck (as well as plates and utensils!), and if you like, a small donation for the Hollander family who is generously hosting and providing the pig for the roast!

I have an idea for... (HH event, website change, communication, etc.)
I want to be a volunteer to help pull this awesome weekend off!
There's something else you didn't cover!

Let us know right away - contact info at bottom of the page!